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2D Modeling of Dam Break Due to Overtopping Failure Mosul Dam, Iraq as a Case Study Abstract
Mahmood Jasim Jasim
A Life Cycle Assessment Comparison of External Cavity Walls Using Different Types of Concrete Block Abstract
D Todd, Joseph Amoako-Attah, Khalid Hashim
A Model for Risk Probability in Iraqi Petroleum Sectorę­‡ by Fuzzy Logic Abstract
Noor Abdulsattar Abduljabbar
A New Formula of Flexural-Tensile Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Members Abstract
Raad Abdulkudhur, Mouhammed Lafta
A review of disaster risk management and vulnerability Abstract
sarah mohanad rashid
A review of the challenges related to governance public private partnership in construction projects Abstract
Amenah Kareem Jebur
A Review on the Performance evaluation of the shallow footings resting on reinforced sandy soil subjected to inclined loads Abstract
hussein ameer, A'amal A. H Al-Saidi
A Review Study of The Effect of Hydraulic Turbine Operating Vibrations on Dams. Abstract
Khalid Mahmoud Saleh, Raad Hoobi Irzooki, Jawdat Kadhim Abbas
A State of the Art Review on Reinforced Concrete Slabs Enhanced Internally by Steel Fibers Abstract
shahad hameed mtashar
Agricultural Nano fertilizers: Macronutrient types and applications Review Abstract
Mohammad Alrbaihat
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